Top 10 Amazing Benefits of a Balance Board

When you think of getting fit, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe you think about lifting weights, running a mile every day, signing up for that kickboxing class your friend Karen won't stop talking about, or something as simple as walking your dog for an hour.

Hey, we all start somewhere and becoming an athlete is no easy task, but in the words of Bill Bowerman:

If you have a body, you are an athlete.

If that's not motivational, then I don't know what is!

So why should balance be your top priority when you're on your fitness journey?

Well, think of it this way: whether you're walking your dog or jumping hurdles, balance is needed. It is the center of every bodily function.

Keep in mind, the more control we have over our balance, the less prone we become at preventing injuries.

Here are the ten benefits of a balance board and why everyone (including you) should own one.

1. Stability

Don’t confuse stability with balance.

Say you're standing still and trying to stand on one foot. That’s balance.

Now start hopping on that one foot without falling. That's stability.

Can you think of anything in our lives that need stability?

Almost everything requires stability. It’s not just a fitness term since we, as humans, tend to live a stable life, get a steady 9-5 job, and participate in stable relationships.

However, in this scenario, our workouts are what need stability.

With increased balance, our stability increases.

2. Increased coordination

When you first step on a balance board, the first thing that's going to happen probably is you're going to stumble or fall off. Balance boards require you to use all of the parts of your body.

This is incredible training for athletes that play vigorous sports such as football or soccer. Hand-eye coordination enhances due to the brain focusing on preventing you from falling.

3. Build core strength

It's a no-brainer that a strong core is related to better balance. By building a strong center, we're building a healthy back. Balance boards force you to engage your core muscles in creating stability.

According to Kaitlin Collins, a physical therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital, she states:

"Core strengthening is intimately related to balance because you need good stability at your core to have safe and effective movements at the hip, knee, and ankle."

4. Increase your agility

The dictionary defines agility as the "ability to move quickly and easily."

Say an apple was about to fall off the kitchen counter, and you were quick to catch it. If you were to stumble while on a balance board, your brain automatically sends a signal to your body to keep you stable.

No doubt in order to be a successful athlete, you need to be agile. It's one of the most important key components in fitness.

The better your balance, the sharper you become.

5. Less back pain

Ever heard of text neck? It's a term used to describe the damage sustained from staring down at our electronic devices for an extended period. It's associated with neck and upper back pain and does a number on your spine.

Because balance boards help you stabilize your core, they help correct and better your posture, therefore, strengthening your back and relieving you of any future back pain.

6. Mental focus

Did you know that balance board training has been proved to be useful to people suffering from ADHD symptoms? According to Livestrong, balance board exercises help by "stimulating and strengthening the areas of the brain responsible for learning and attention span."

Because balance boards affect the cerebellum part of the brain, they are used as a non-medicinal approach and a type of therapy that helps improve coordination and concentration.

7. Better athlete

Believe it or not, your favorite athlete is incredible at what they do because they have control of their balance!

As you begin to control your balance, your coordination, agility, and concentration improve as well.

You won't believe how having a strong balance can affect your movements and your everyday workouts. The first step to becoming a stronger athlete: balance.

8. Help you gain confidence

When you step on a board that has no stability whatsoever, you better believe you’re going to gain some confidence. Ever see those people doing handstands on the Bosu ball?

Trust me when I say they didn’t start out like that. When you become self-confident, not only will it lead to better workouts, but a better lifestyle in general.

9. Seriously fun

It's time to unleash your inner kid. I'm not going to lie to you guys; sometimes when I use the board, I don't use it right. I merely sway from one side to another.

By having fun with your board, you're more likely inclined to use it.

This is one of the few fitness equipment that you can mess around with! Don't be afraid to fool around.

10. Versatile and can be used anywhere

There's more than one kind of balance board, but the majority of them are easy to carry and can be used literally anywhere. Because I have an awesome boss and work behind a table, I'm able to bring the board to work with me.

Even if you're just going for a stroll in the park, you can bring it along and challenge yourself! Think squats are easy? Wait till you attempt one on a balance board!

The more challenging a workout is, the more you’ll push yourself and better your body.