I am a 24 year old SAH mommy to an 8 month old baby girl who I am head over heels in love with.

In my spare time, I'm trying to figure out the meaning of life and if croissants exist in heaven.

And I write. A lot. I also do a ton of research because I want my readers to know that what they are getting is genuine, no-bullshit fit and health advice.

In a world full of fit teas, juice detoxes, and diet fads, I am here to convince you the actual simplicity of it all.

I have been on this fitness journey for 10+ years now.

I would like nothing more than to share my stories and experiences with the rest of the world. 


First and foremost, passion. Commitment. Motivation. Encouragement.

Articles that will hopefully have an impact on the way you view the fitness industry. 

My goal is to educate you on well-being and how to take back control of your life, how to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and learn how to appreciate even your smallest efforts. 

I'm also hoping on transitioning soon into workouts, recipes, videos, and tips to keep you from straying on your journey.

When you are here, know you're getting the real thing! When you are here, you are family.

P.S: We're big on Disney (and Pixar) in our household, so expect to see several movie references. 


As a first time mother,  I have no official sleeping schedule. So as I roamed around the house picking up toys and cleaning little messes at 2 AM on a Tuesday morning, I tripped over a rattle. And you will judge me for saying this, but that shit hurt! It didn't even break!

As I laid there on the floor, holding the rattle like a pen, dreaming of caffeinated coffee (and croissants), it came to me. Rattle Pen.

Of course, at the time, I had no idea what to do with that bit of information and the lack of sleep was not helping my thinking process. But I knew one thing.

My life had been turned completely upside down with the arrival of my baby, and I missed the active, busy, hardworking girl I used to be.

So I combined the two things I love most in this world-rattle(baby) and pen(my writing).

At 2:48 AM that Tuesday morning, I made the decision to take back control of my life.